Three more paragraphs about my work

For some years now I have been interested in the question of the language as defining a non-linguistic language, such as art and more specifically in the question of language as a technological construction of images. In this way language provides two choices, without reducing the question of art to linguistics: as a technological condition it creates the choice of reconstructing images which is inseparable from the question of time, as an aesthetic condition it creates the choice for the return of the repressed.

I use semantically open and incomplete sentences, which are also temporal objects, which exists in and through time: this incompleteness provides the possibilitiy to articulate differences whcih helps to bring into existence repressed aesthetics by enunciation. These incomplete sentences are also incomplete forms, such as news headlines, indexes, unfinished stories; databases used not in order to complete them but to demonstrate their power as incomplete evidences. These evidences point to the world of objects hidden behind them.

In this sense, for me,  an artwork is a fuzzy object working as a time -space compression which brings together events taking place in this compression and at the same time enables to stitch together missing dimensions of time.